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Your story is what you have, what you will always have.

Michelle Obama 

Meet our Lead Storyteller, Judy Le.


Judy is adventurous, free-spirited, and is continually seeking  beauty in  everything around her. She actively  gives back  to her  community  and has a huge heart for nonprofit work. 


You can often find Judy binge watching Friends or The Office while working on events and crafting in an oversized t-shirt and a messy bun until 5am. The only thing she can cook confidently is ramen cups and she is a hoarder (of many things). She auditions for The Voice in the shower, and is obsessed with her 12 year old mini Schnauzer, Kato, and two hear old corgi, Haku. 


She's not your typical planner- she's a storyteller. 

Judy loves stories. She loves to share her adventures, the funny things that happen to her daily and bringing happiness to others. She loves hearing others' stories; their history, their aspirations, and what makes them unique. With a desire for planning memorable events and storytelling, came Your Story Events. 

The idea behind Your Story Events is to connect with our clients through the power of storytelling. We are invested in learning about our clients to be able to capture and embody their personalities and vision to create a unique and memorable experience. 

Everybody has a story....what's yours?

Meet our Storytellers.png

Make each day your masterpiece. 

John Wooden

Meet our storyteller, Aly Merced.

Aly was born in Puerto Rico and raised in California. Her family eventually made the move to the East Coast, where she attended the University of Florida. Graduating with a degree in Health Education, she currently works at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida as the Administrative Coordinator.

Aly has a passion for serving others. Her favorite part of events is being able to play a role in creating lasting memories for the clients and attendees. She goes above and beyond to ensure that clients needs are fully met. She is quick on her feet and is known as our problem solver!

Aly has a zest for life and enjoys sharing new experiences with friends and is always ready to embark on a new adventure. 


It's the little things in life

that matters most.


Meet our storyteller, Annie Lee.


Annie is caring, sentimental, and appreciates all the little things in life. Once you get to know her, you will see one of her most admirable qualities is her huge heart to love and support all those around her.  

Born and raised in Boston, MA, she has met a lot of exceptional friends, including Judy where they both attended college together at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  Their nature in creativity and keen eye to detail has been the glue of their friendship for more than 10+ years.  

As a hopeless romantic and a lover of animals, kids and magical stories, Annie loves using her creative side to help bring visions to reality for her clients. She is a perfectionist that believes even the smallest of details matter. 

A sunny attitude overcomes

a cloudy day.


Meet our storyteller, Madison Castledine.


Madison is oldest of five children. She is originally from St.Louis, Missouri, but moved to St. Petersburg Florida when she was five years old. Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, Madison attends the University of Central Florida pursuing a major in Event Management and minor in Psychology.


With over five years of experience in the service industry, Madison is very passionate about helping people and ensuring their happiness. Now, she is embarking on a new journey as a storyteller with YSE.  Her passion for the industry began at a young age watching wedding shows and reading weddings magazines. What brings her joy is being able to utilize her creativeness to create an unforgettable event for her clients and being able to witness the joy and happiness that they feel. 

After the loss of a loved one, Madison saw the quote (above) and it's stuck with her since. It is quite fitting for her personality- a sweet and sunshine filled person that brings positivity to everybody around her!

Let the beauty of what you Love be what you Do.


Meet our storyteller, Minh Bui.


Minh is classically chic with a touch of flare. 

Her warm and enthusiastic personality, along with precision and attention to detail, has helped contribute to her success.

She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and has a natural talent for planning. Having many years of experience, Minh has a passion for helping others create their dream events. 


In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, the performing arts, art, and health & fitness. Her vision and devotion to her clients for the mission that perfection is truly in the details has set high standards in her commitment to excellence.

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